How Our System deals with Anger

One of the reasons we believe we developed alters was because we found it so hard to understand emotions in ourselves and others. Strong emotions - like anger - are especially hard for us to understand and we have 2 alters who specifically deal with anger on our behalf. Their names are Angela and Julie. We have published a new...

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Help Wanted: Neurodivergent Role Models

Growing up in the 70's and 80's, our role models were celebrities: TV stars, movie stars, rock stars, and sports stars. We were the first generation to be raised by television. I'm Generation X, what has been called in the US, a "latch key kid." For the most part, GenX's parents both worked. We'd get off the school bus, walk...

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How Critical is Academic Achievement When Choosing an Educational Setting for a Neurodiverse/Neurodivergent Child?

Re-Assessing the Appropriateness of the School Setting, Year After YearEvery year, for almost the last twenty years, I have been invited by the school administrators to reassess the appropriateness of my children’s school placements.  They are all considered neurodiverse and have been diagnosed with things like ADHD, autism, APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), dyslexia, and Irlen Syndrome.Comparing...

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Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms

If you're on Instagram or any of the "free" social media platforms, and you happen to be interested in autism, autistic people, or topics around autism, you may have noticed that ads promising "cures" or remediation of "autistic symptoms" by solving the "brain-gut problem" have been appearing more frequently these days. This "link" between autism and "gastrointestinal symptoms" has been...

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Who Owns the Puzzle Piece?

Who Owns the Puzzle Piece?A few months ago, I excitedly announced the publication of my first book "Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery and Faith". It shares my journey between the worlds of autism, neurodiversity, brain surgery recovery, and faith- with the hope that it will enlighten parents, professionals, and family members to better understand and assist the...

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